Thursday, February 14, 2013

A First Year Celebration & the reveal of Adrada!

On Valentine's Day 2012, I signed the contract for Karma and Mayhem, a paranormal-fantasy-romance novel.  With this being the one-year anniversary of that signing, I'm celebrating by giving away one $10 gift certificate along with a copy of Choke-berry Shalamiz, the "blood of ages" drink that Tienan (the story's hero) used to bless Janay (the story's heroine).  This beverage was fictional in the story, but with the help of a chef, it became a real drink! 

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And now, for the promised reveal of  Adrada -
Adrada, the Archangel of Departing Souls @2013 CEM

    ***Coming late summer 2013: Adrada to Zool, an anthology of my published short stories.

How Adrada Came Into Being:

     In my church during the lenten season of 1995, when all the statues were covered in purple cloth, the draping about the life-sized crucifix behind the altar caught my attention. That draping made the crucifix looked like it had billowing angel wings. But whoever heard of an angel with purple wingsThen came a haunting question: what would make the feathers of an archangel's golden wings turn mournful purple? After all, purple was the color of mourning.
     Then, in 1996, "The Sixth Sense" magazine posed a situation-question about who killed a multimillionaire. As I pondered this and strove for something "outside the box" of who might have done the deed, I had a dream. In that dream Adrada, the archangel with golden wings edged in mournful purple visited me. As dreams go, this was likely my subconscious's way of enlightening me because I was obsessing over entering the contest.  Of course, what resulted was "Written by My Hand," which won the magazine's challenge and saw publication. It would be many years later before I realized how often Adrada showed up in my stories*** and in my futuristic worlds, such as Karma and Mayhem.
     In Karma and Mayhem, it is Adrada who informs the penitent spirit of Kiyoshi-the-samurai that he must return to the land of the living and be reincarnated and  stop a book of spells from changing hands.
     When Janay encounters Rowen, who's had his veed (his energy symbiote) taken out of him, and the boy tells Janay he and his veed will die unless reunited, Janay sends up a prayerful plea for an angel's guidance. It is Adrada who comes and tells Janay to go to Tienan.
     As for Tienan? When he first sees Adrada, Tienan thinks he's hallucinating. After all, what angel has purple feathering edging their golden wings. And just what did Adrada mean when he said "Your prayers are answered?"

     Catherine E. McLean 
       Tienan and Janay's love/quest story can be purchased here  Karma and Mayhem 

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  1. I'm interested in your Adrada. Is he your muse too, for story creations? Or does he just show up as an enigma. How did you come up with the name? (I think you need a better illustrator, tho. His body doesn't convey the power that you say he has.)

    1. Hi, Rita--

      Adrada is definitely not an enigma and he is not my muse. My "muse" is affectionately known by me as "The Kid"--he lives in the basement of my mind, but that's a tale all by itself.

      Anyway, Adrada is not your ordinary archangel. How could he be with those gigantic gold wings edged in mournful purple? He's as handsome as he is intelligent, and he is also very quiet, stoic, and seldom smiles--but he does have a sense of humor and dry wit.

      As to his name, The Kid/my muse provided it but it took me awhile to chase down the origins and find the archetype root for it. Adrada was originally Angel #7878, created for a planet in my universe called Balakajar. As it happens, Adrada was named for the clipper ship on which he earned his golden archangel wings--and why he prefers "poet's shirts and baggy pants." Again, longer story . . .

      As to the artistry, that's right on because Adrada has a whipcord leanness of power, one that belies his awesome abilities.

      Thanks for dropping by and asking such interesting questions!

  2. Congratulations, Catherine! I do believe Adrada is quite a compelling character from what I've read of your work. I do agree with Rita, however, the image doesn't match the archangel you portray in your books.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Al! Interestingly enough, I sent the artist the word descriptions from several of my stories that Adrada appears in. The artist's sketch matched my vision and word-paintings. Perhaps the difference is in the wings being spread out? They are massive but I do know the wings in a lot of my stories are described as being tucked up and back, like the traditional views of angels. Food for thought . . .

      Again, thanks for stopping by!

  3. marc really appreciates all your help on his writing ar SVP. i'm so happy about all your successes with publication.

  4. Hi, Cathy--

    Many thanks for stopping by! Marc has such wonderful stories to tell and I'm glad I can steer him in the right direction.