Karma and Mayhem is a Night Owl Top Pick !

     I thought that this book was a wonderful work of fiction. The off world setting and mysteries kept the story interesting. And the subplot of an Ancient Japanese Samurai warrior and weapons gave the book a total new prospective from what I usually read. Ms. McLean has a smooth hand in weaving plots together and characters to make for an enjoyable book. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters in the book but my favorite were Janay and Tienan. These two characters where strong without being mean but soft and believable when needed in the story. Hopefully some of the other characters will get their own books if our author decides to continue to another book. I really enjoyed this book and I am sure you would too if you read romance or paranormal books.  – Lisa Jung 3/18/2013 (full version is at:

* * * * * Karma and Mayhem is delicious. Ms. McLean provides us with an extremely creative and intelligently written story about love, adventure, and self-determination in a dark world of witches and angels. I love the evolution of the book's heroes and their interaction with each other and I absolutely love the mystical veeds. If you want to be transported to an exciting realm full of exquisite mayhem, carefully and expertly written, this is the novel for you.--Kelly Wortkoetter12/2012

* * * * * I thoroughly enjoyed this adult themed story laced with spiritualism and lessons to be learned about trust. It was a very intriguing read and I couldn't put it down. -- Pattie  12/2012

* * * *  Well titled- the mayhem doesn't stop and the ending has a very nice twist. There are a lot of elements here that could easily extend into other stories and the world-building is exceptional. I hope to see more from this author soon.-- Bex  12-2012

* * * * * An entertaining read. A romance story I couldn't put down.  Looking forward to the next book. -- NR  10/2012
* * * * * Catherine brought a story world to life with great characters, veeds, archangels, and villains--all entwined with a great romance. -- Karen Moore 10/2012

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