Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Choke-berry Shalamiz -another chance to win the recipe

Choke-berry Shalamiz  was the fictitious "blood of ages" beverage I made up for my novel Karma and Mayhem, but which I had the help of a chef in creating for real.  

As you can see from the blog entries below, I gave away a copy of the recipe at my book's launch.  Well, I'm offering another opportunity for someone to win a copy of this recipe in time for Christmas and the holidays.

All you have to do is visit wherever I'm blogging and leave a comment or ask a question.  For instance, I'm being interviewed this week at Clan Elves of the Bitterroot. Another way to have a chance to win is to join me at Twitter (so you can be notified of future contests, book releases, workshop dates, blogging events, etc.).

This contest runs until midnight EST Dec. 14 and the winner will be notified Dec. 15.  Delivery will be in time for some Santa to enjoy this unique, nonalcoholic beverage!

Check my website events schedule and, remember, each comment or question at a blog event nets you another chance to win.

Catherine E. McLean
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

And the winner is . . .

     Thank you all for joining my book launch party.  The winner of the Choke-berry Shalamiz recipe is Sarah Grim.  Congratulation, Sarah!

    Sarah's certified copy includes photos of the drinks as well as a copy of the manuscript page where it was used.

     Now, drum roll please--I will be offering another copy of the shalamiz recipe at Thanksgiving and Christmas, so stop back in mid-November and mid-December to find out how to win one!
     --- Catherine

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Book Launch Party!

Everything in this photo of mine relates to something in the story.
  Welcome to the Book Launch Party for my paranormal-fantasy-romance.
   Want to win the recipe for the bloody-looking drink in the photo?

   That drink is Choke-berry Shalamiz which is the non-alcoholic beverage used by Tienan (the hero) in Chapter 10 to 'baptize' Janay (the heroine) 'in the blood of ages.'
   Only one person will get this unique drink recipe.  All you have to do is post a comment (even if only to say congratulations on the book seeing print) or if you ask a question today, you'll have a chance to win the recipe.
   Now when I drafted the novel, I made up the name Choke-berry Shalamiz. It never existed until October 1, 2012, when I consulted a chef. We developed not only the book's thick "blood of ages" drink (which is also very tasty on ice cream, cheesecake, vanilla pudding, and pears) but also a fruity beverage with a bloody fizz that would be the hit of any Halloween party. Why, even a vampire like Granger (the vampire in Karma and Mayhem), would drool over it.
   So, what are you waiting for? Post a comment–or two (doubling your chances

    --Catherine    - BUY THE BOOK   - READ AND EXCERPT

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Announcing Book Launch Party

Book Launch Party
October 10
Stop by and 
comment or ask a question
and have a chance
to win the recipe for
Choke-berry Shalamiz
used in the story.

He's a warlock with two souls. 

She's mayhem personified.  

When the two face a cauldron of murder, demons, and witches, 
is their love more powerful than death?