Cast of Characters

 On a future Earth colonial planet:

   Tienan is a self-reliant warlock and homicide detective determined to solve a series of murders.  An incident in his youth gave him a terror of death, and made him fear his birthright soul--an energy symbiote (called a veed) that takes the form of a lion and which gives Tienan magical abilities.  Those abilities have also contributed to Tienan's failed relationships with women--and making Tienan adamant that true love doesn't exist.
    Janay is an gypsy-charming, ex-militia woman down on her luck who is haunted by personal demons--and real ones.  When she rescues Tienan's brother, Tienan considers her a gutsy, but semi-deranged, commando.  To him, she's Chaos--and it rankles that she believes in true love--but he needs her help to protect his brother from being kidnapped or killed.

    Zad is Tienan's veed, a white lion who is possessed by the soul of Kiyoshi-the-samauri who seeks redemption for having put duty before love.    The murderer Tienan seeks is not one person but a triad of witches, Sweets, Celinae, and Annelisa.  The three lust for omnipotent power--and revenge.  They've made a deal with a darkon archangel, Shelzat who is charged with seeing a book of spells changes hands.
    Boots is also a homicide detective and Tienan's partner.  She's in love with Granger.
   Granger is a vampire who works for the Guardians of Occult Law--and he knows what happened to Janay as a result of the Valley of Rathe Incident.
   Adrada (pronounced Ah-drah-dah), the Archangel of Departing Souls, whose great golden wings are edged in mournful purple feathers, interacts with Kiyoshi and Janay, later he is seen by Tienan and Zad, et. al. ****On Valentine's Day, a sketch of what he looks like will be revealed.

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